Mixed Commons
Reclaimed 'Common Bricks'

These are 75p Per Brick. Clean, paletted and ready to lay. Imperial sizing 3inch X 9inch. Rustic orange with a mixture of darker colouring. Sold in 100s

Reclaimed Engineering Style Bricks

Quality reclaimed bricks, imperial size, and all clean ready to lay. Large stock available due to demolishing a building by hand.

                                                                 85p per brick.

Reclaimed Handmade Bricks

Handmade bricks, popular pick for customers. Various sizes - ideal for fireplaces and feature walls. £1.00 per brick. Sizes from 9inch X 2inch to 9inch X 3inch.

Decorative Bricks

Large selection of decorative bricks. All clean ready to use. Prices from £1.50 per brick to £2.50 dependant on which type.